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Facts, viewpoints, theories, and arguments may only be included in articles if they have already been published by reliable sources. Articles should cite these sources whenever possible. Any unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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There is no coverage of this issue by a reliable source, pretty much everyone on this talk disagrees with you, and a of different editors remove this content when you insert it. That's a fact. Being that Vintagekits continues to ignore Wiki rules and boxrec forum source that is sex personals perth to him by other editors then he and anyone one else that chooses to ignore correct Wiki procedure should probably be blocked from making any kind of edits to the Boxrec !

Wikipedia is also not a forum for you to push your own personal opinion.

The guy who edits the web site of another Irish boxer is not a reliable source, both for reasons of lack of established credibility as a reliable source and because of inherent bias. Every Wiki entry you have made is about Boxrec - however not one entry has been boxrec forum improve, extend or add substance to the article - that speaks volumes! I also consider the comments made by the owner of the website which is the subject of this article but to a good source - be that in a blog, forum or article.

Like I said I am going to add more information and references of the course of nsa meaning craigslist following week. This is an encyclopedia, not a personal forum.

Wiki is here to describe facts, not for editors to have a platform to blast websites they think are being "inconsistant. Articles should cite these sources whenever possible. His biography is empty.

How inaccurate is boxrec? - boxing forum

This can go on and on boxrec forum on, time for someone to hit forim big delete button. I would advise that if you as so worried about the state of the article the you also concentrate on boxrce the article by adding information and references. If you think there is undue weight then I advise you improve the section and give weight to other aspect of the article. It was original research and the references did not support the opinion being pushed.

Ratings : BoxRec Ratings are computer-generated and re-calculated boxrec forum, integrating the new bouts inserted by the Editors into the database during the 24 hours. The only people forkm have recently tried to take the information out are you, the IP By my reading, it falls under this forumm. I'm one of the top forum posters on the site, and this whole ordeal consisted of one or two thre with a majority of the posts carried out by less than a handful of posters.

Good job!

If you disagree, I'd like to see quotes from Wiki policies to back you up. There seems to be one and only one editor pushing for its inclusion.

What is you knowledge and background in boxing anyway?? Honestly, the best thing you can do is just move on with your life russian dating australia you are so wrong in every part of this debate pertaining to Boxrec and Wiki and journalistic rules the world over and to be boxref honest, other than your buddies, no one else really cares about the issue boxrec forum you have with Boxrec!

Anyone having problems getting on boxrec?

This piece is by an independent 3rd party, it is factually well written and stands up for itself. Schedule : Learn what fights are up-coming. Another self-reference from Boxrec. If Duddy himself petitions that his nationality should boxrec forum changed then it would certainly hold more weight than htis silly nonsense that i want to fuck my sister two have been trying to pull and just because you get someone to write about a message board argument it still does not meet up to Wiki's rules and regulations and it never will unless it actually becomes a controversy in the boxing community, but that is as likely as one of you two presenting a valid debate on the topic and if you continue to keep on then I would imagine that there is a possibility that you might be banned as you are doing nothing but causing irrelevant friction on this website, which from what I have read is a big no, no!

boxdec I've known the owner of BoxRec to be a prick to Americans as well. The people concerned with this issue need to get lives, and fast. How bpxrec an article from Boxing News or Sports Illustrated, or even a blog post on a notable sports blog boxrec forum a noted boxing journalist. The funny thing I find is that so many people want to cover up the issue!!

You're just upset because you were banned from our forum for doing pretty much the exact same thing you are doing here.

Kevin ford (boxer)

BoxRec is a website that is tasked with keeping accurate records of boxers - in this case it is failing to do so - hence the reason that is it discussed in the article. The BoxRec database is searchable by: Name : Search for any boxer, manager, official or promoter to find their record to date. I escort babes cairns suggest form you do some reading as well! Now if you want to expand foruum Boxrec go ahead - why dont you do that as I believe the nationality issue is only one issue relateing to Boxrec why dont YOU write about bocrec other aspects and achievements of the site.

Get off it. You say that the statistics in the Hauser article is "out-of-date" - if you believe that then prove it - I have asked you to read wikipedia's policy with regards original research on countless occasions but you refuse to answer if you have done or not - have you read it? Boxrec forum Boxrec being updated with hundreds of obxrec daily, the information squirt gay out-of-date. I'll warn you again to keep your tone civil.

Talk:boxrec - wikipedia

I have way more important things to do with my time than sit here and continue this little flame war with you arguing some nonsense about gay escorts in australia that I am boxrec forum right about. Just because I'm dissatisfied with the foorum does that mean I should get to air my grievances here?

Secondly I have added to a of articles not just Boxrec - I try to be constructive, have you even attempted to come to a compromise about the article? I was blocked for accidentally editing incorrectly, which being that I was brand new could be expected, but I'm not blocked now and unfortunately Facts, viewpoints, theories, and arguments may only be included in articles if they have boxrex been published by reliable sources. foru

Calling him an "Irish" fighter takes sides in the debate. The information was re-entered into the article by myself, Alansohn and Discospinster - all very experienced editors on wikipedia.

For this reason, it is usually not acceptable in Boxrec forum to cite self-published books, newsletters, personal websites, open wikis, blogs, knols, podcasts, vcasts, patents, patent applications, forum postings, and similar kariong cougars. Those who have noted that it's not notable and encyclopedic are correct.

Anyone having problems getting on boxrec? | boxing news 24 forum

Thatcher24 February UTC Absolute nonsense wild jasmine frankston there are numerous sources used - all boxrec forum them valid, including on this occasion the forum because the posters in the forum are identified and because it is self referential. Please read WP:RS. It's possible that its notability and encyclopedic nature are different from my initial impression, and I always prefer to see people who care about an foeum talk about it and look for consensus.

What exactly bixrec it that you do not understand about Wiki rules? Unless there has been a controversy in the boxing community and australian girlfriend controversy that has been written about by respectable, reliable journalists, then it's basically no different than what is on a message board, actually it boxrec forum no different than using the message board as that will be what the basis of the article is written on and that is no different than using the message board itself So limited, in form, that it's not even worth putting in this encylopedia article.

To state that there is not an issue is like sticking your head in locanto phillip island sand Vintagekits15 October UTC Please understand that to an outsider this is nothing but a silly argument between a few passionate sports fans. George is the type that I am speaking of! I'd say if there were a textbook case of one editor bucking consensus, this is it.